Golf Bike Bag

A back roads bicycle and golf tour from Caribou, ME to Key West, FL.

Join in for a ride, a round of golf, or just follow along as man, bike and golf clubs roll slowly south.
GolfBikeBag is a light weight carry bag weighing 6.5 lbs with two side pockets, two rear pockets and a detachable shoulder strap.

GolfBikeBag separates vertically top to bottom and  easily mounts on a traditional  bicycle rear rack with a pannier system.

The pannier rack system features offset mounting J hooks that allow the bag to reassemble  seamlessly when in  “golf mode.”
GolfBikeBag travels light and secure on the rear rack with room for additional storage.


  1. Ron

    Please tell me where I can purchase one. Thank you!

  2. Ben Elmore

    Are they for sale??

  3. Ronan Quinlan

    Where can I purchase one of these golf bags?

    • admin

      Hi Ronan…thanks for your interest. At this point I am only using GolfBikeBag for my personal pleasure with no plans to put it into production.However, I was awarded the patent and may someday partner with a golf bag builder. Where are you located ?


        i would be interested in buying one also.

        • admin

          Hi Mike..thanks for your interest. I have no plans at this point to put the bags into production. However, I do have 4 extra prototypes in my garage. Where do you live…maybe we could hook up for a ride/round someday.


          • Brady

            Do you still have those 4 prototypes?

          • Jerry Jimenez

            I just purchased a Nekto Steady Ebike and looking for add a golf bag carries to it and you have one of the best setup that I seen online,Ebike are getting more popular on golf courses.

  4. Luke

    Hey, I would be keen to help you put these into production in the UK. There is a huge interest in this type of thing here and I’d like to try and help bring these to life. Thanks,

  5. Mike

    Wow love this!! You should sell as such an amazing idea!

    I’d really like to try one and would be willing to give feedback on how they work feel when riding.

    Surely a company will come in and buy the idea/partner with you!

    Where are you based as I’d happily be a guinea pig and play a round with you using the bag for travel and then return it?

  6. Golfer

    Any update of your golf bag? With the pandemic and the resurgence of golf’s and biking’s popularity and social distancing on the course, your bag is a wonderful idea. I hope you pursue it’s production as I and golfers in the community would love to buy them.

  7. Adam Y

    Wondering if I could buy one of these? Still not in production? Any prototypes available?

  8. Richard Hornbeck

    How can I buy one and how much are they?

  9. Jessica Johnson

    Yasssss! This is exactly what I’m looking for my folks. I would also buy a prototype off you if you still have them and they aren’t in production yet.

  10. Jessica Johnson

    Yasssss! This is exactly what I’m looking for my folks. I would also buy a prototype off you if you still have them and they aren’t in production yet.


    Did you decide to put this into production – great idea I’d buy one

  12. Eric Armstrong

    Dude! Great idea. Superb design.
    Tell someone to put it on Indiegogo, and see how many buyers you find!

  13. Paul Netzel

    Interested in purchasing one of the prototypes as I have recumbent tricycle and would use it as the golf cart while playing golf. Can I get details on how it attaches to the bike? I live in the Chicago Suburbs with many great courses to ride to and then play a round of golf using my trike and attached GolfBikeBag. Thanks

    • Paul

      Not sure what awaiting moderation means?

  14. Segundo

    hola donde puedo comprar una .

  15. Judy Brown

    Hi. Such a great idea. I’ve been trying to find paneers for my bike rear rack or some other way to attach one or two standing golf Sunday bags to my rear bike rack. You’ve gone a step further with a great idea. Do you have any attachment ideas that I might borrow for the following…
    If I wanted to attach one or two small “Sunday” standing bags. Do you have any suggestions on how I might securely & easily attach and unattach something like this item as an example. (My need is to carry six clubs or so to and from the range for practice, using my bike)
    Thanks, Judy Brown Littleton Colorado


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