Golf Bike Bag

A back roads bicycle and golf tour from Caribou, ME to Key West, FL.

Join in for a ride, a round of golf, or just follow along as man, bike and golf clubs roll slowly south.

Day 2 Mars Hill to Island Falls

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Maine | 0 comments

Amish Buggy

Amish Buggy

Another sunny hot one with some healthy hilly miles. Midafternoon, Google Maps had a hiccup and decided a dried up old railroad bed would be the best route to the VaJoWa  golf course .

A local trucker came to the rescue with an improvised route sending me on a dirt road over a mountain dropping me right on Pleasant Lake and less than a mile from the course…..not even close. The dirt road was filled with basketball size boulders and too steep to ride. It was a grim scene as the temps pushed into the 90’s and I was struggling to push the bike up the endless mountain road, when a big burly guy in a pick up truck pulled over and insisted we throw the bike in the back and he get me to top. Amen. Our paths crossed again at the golf course bar and we shared a couple of brews together and laughed over my sad state earlier that day. Great guy and true Road Angel.

Amish Road Sign

Amish Road Sign

This part of Maine has a nice Amish population and throughout the day they offered up healthy waves as our paths crossed each with our own modes of transportation.

Arriving at the Sewall House B and B Yoga Retreat the owner passed me a note to stay that Rick was on his way.



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