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Golf Bike Bag is a light weight carry bag that separates vertically top to bottom to easily mount on a traditional bicycle rear rack and reassembles easily when in  “golf mode.”

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A Revolutionary new golf bag system!


Golf Bike Bag weighs only 6.5 pounds and has a sturdy shoulder strap.


Mounts easily on your bike rack with a pannier system.


Golf Bike Bag has plenty of storage with two side pockets and two rear pockets.

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The split design mounts easily on the back frame of the bike and reassembles in seconds.

Follow Chic’s trek from Caribou to Key West

Follow Chic Godfrey, the creator of Golf Bike Bag, as he bikes from Caribou, Maine to Key West, Florida, and plays some of the best golf courses on the East Coast!

May 7 Day 31

May 7 Day 31

The ferry pushed off sharply at 7:30 a.m. headed for Cedar Island and the 65 mile ride down to Swansboro. The cell phone and along with it my GPS navigation has completely died and will require a visit to an Apple store to get it repaired.

May 6 Day 30

May 6 Day 30

Ocracoke is a 19 mile long ½ mile wide island known for its beautiful beaches and world class fishing tournaments. There are 600 year round residents and the island generally sits only 5 feet above sea level. There is a single paved road that runs the length of the island .

May 5 Day 29

May 5 Day 29

Nags Head in the late fall is basically empty as the summer crowds have moved on and now it is just the locals and the pace slows down.

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