Golf Bike Bag

A back roads bicycle and golf tour from Caribou, ME to Key West, FL.

Join in for a ride, a round of golf, or just follow along as man, bike and golf clubs roll slowly south.
GolfBikeBag is a light weight carry bag weighing 6.5 lbs with two side pockets, two rear pockets and a detachable shoulder strap.

GolfBikeBag separates vertically top to bottom and  easily mounts on a traditional  bicycle rear rack with a pannier system.

The pannier rack system features offset mounting J hooks that allow the bag to reassemble  seamlessly when in  “golf mode.”
GolfBikeBag travels light and secure on the rear rack with room for additional storage.


  1. Ron

    Please tell me where I can purchase one. Thank you!

  2. Ben Elmore

    Are they for sale??

  3. Ronan Quinlan

    Where can I purchase one of these golf bags?

    • admin

      Hi Ronan…thanks for your interest. At this point I am only using GolfBikeBag for my personal pleasure with no plans to put it into production.However, I was awarded the patent and may someday partner with a golf bag builder. Where are you located ?


        i would be interested in buying one also.

        • admin

          Hi Mike..thanks for your interest. I have no plans at this point to put the bags into production. However, I do have 4 extra prototypes in my garage. Where do you live…maybe we could hook up for a ride/round someday.


          • Brady

            Do you still have those 4 prototypes?

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