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A back roads bicycle and golf tour from Caribou, ME to Key West, FL.

Join in for a ride, a round of golf, or just follow along as man, bike and golf clubs roll slowly south.

Day 17 Sag Harbor to Manorville

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North ferryShort ride today and no headwind. Leaving Island’s End GC it was a short 6 miles to catch the North Ferry over to Shelter Island then 4 miles to catch the South Ferry to Sag Harbor. Beautiful scenery along the way…vineyards, boat harbors, spectacular waterfront homes and the picture perfect villages of  Shelter Island and Sag Harbor.



The American Hotel

The first stop in Sag Harbor was the famous American Hotel and Bar  a Hamptons classic where the rich and famous hang with the locals and everyone is entertained by Barkeep Vinnie Rom.






american hotel3

Vinnie Rom, a bartender, is reminiscing about the night Billy Joel and Bono commanded the couch by the backgammon board. And there is the complicated tale of Michael Blick.

It is always fun to watch really good people at their craft. Be it a master mechanic identifying a strange sound under the hood, Pedro Martinez painting the corners and mixing his pitches or Vinnie Rom holding court at the iconic American Hotel . Vinnie has been on the job for 20 years greeting everyone coming through the door with a big smile and welcoming hello. Example… “ Hey, the biker guy is here. Push over …give him a seat …. this guy needs something cold”. He is beautiful.

Vinnie and the rest of the regulars grilled me for all the details about the bag and the ride eventually moving the discussion out to the sidewalk so everyone could see BGB up close. Interesting group…a nice couple that wrote who history. He specialized in American and she in European, a couple local tradesmen and a 40 something woman stressing over her $ 500,000 cottage renovation. Corian or granite? So many tough decisions. What is a girl to do ?

american hotel2Vinnie asked about golf plans for the next day and when there were none Vinnie pulled out his cell and started making calls….Shinnecock, The Bridge, National and finally arranging a full scholarship for me at the Atlantic Club in Bridgehampton . Many many thanks Vinnie….a most memorable evening.


atlantic club

Vinnie Rom had made the call to his pals Jim Mathers, GM and Rick Hartmann, Pro at the Atlantic Club. Rick walked out of the Pro shop to greet me as I rolled up. With a big smile and warm hand shake he said “ Welcome to Atlantic. I know who you are and so glad you are able to join us today. You have the course to yourself.

Atlantic CC Caddy Billy

Billy Frick, caddy

Your caddy is Billy. He has been here for a while and knows the course well. We will throw your bag in a cart and enjoy the day. Stop by the 10th hole shack and grab whatever you want for a snack. It is all taken care of.”





10 Th Hole Shack Atlantic CC

The 10th Hole Shack

This was too incredible to be true. People are on waiting lists for years to get into this club and then they pay megabucks to join and here this poor slob pedals up a bike and Pro Rick Hartmann and his entire staff make him feel like a long lost friend. Jim and Rick, I could never thank you enough. The day at Atlantic with caddy Billy Frick and the gracious Bob Doherty in the locker room was very special.




locker room

Locker room Manager Bob Doherty sat me down in the high cotton and offered up a cold draft a while changing  back into biking gear and getting ready for the long ride to Manorville and Indigo Hotel for the night. Thank you Bob….pleasure chatting with you.


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